What are the fees for investment accounts?

For investment accounts (Stocks & Shares ISA, General Investment Account, and Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA), we charge the following fees:

Fixed subscription fee:

£1 per month, free for the first three months and charged per Moneybox account. This means even if you have multiple investment accounts with us, your subscription fee will remain at £1. This fee covers all transactions and all investing costs and is charged at the end of each month by selling down your largest holding.

Platform fee:

0.45% of the value of your investments per year. This fee accrues daily but is charged monthly by selling down your largest holding.

Fund provider fees:

You will also pay annual fund fees which cover fund management costs and transaction costs. They are charged by the fund provider rather than Moneybox, so are included when the fund provider calculates the value of your investments and are subject to change. You can find a full list of our available funds and their fees here.

As an example, the annualised charges for an investment of £3,000 with a Balanced allocation would be:

  • Fund fees: 0.17% / £5.16
  • Service costs (£ monthly subscription fees + platform fee): 0.85% / £25.59

If you withdraw all your money or close your account we calculate the Fixed subscription fee and the Platform fee on a daily basis for that month and deduct these charges before you receive the money.

When investing in US stocks, which are currently available for our Stocks & Shares ISA, in addition to our 0.45% annual platform fee, we collect a 0.45% currency conversion fee from the value of the trade before it is sent to be traded. This covers the cost of converting from GBP(£) to USD($) and vice versa. We do not charge any commission for investing in stocks.

For funds held as Available Cash, we do not charge a customer service fee – instead, we will retain the difference (if any) between the interest received from the underlying third party banks and the amounts paid on your product.  The interest rate you see in the app is the interest rate you’ll receive.

Information on fees, including our fee calculator, is always accessible in the Settings tab of the app by tapping on ‘Terms and fees’, and you can see how much you’ve paid in fees since opening your account in Accounts > Select Account > Breakdown.

Account fees are charged at the end of each month by selling down a small portion of your largest holding, so no additional funds are taken by direct debit. 

For more information about Junior ISA fees, please visit the Junior ISA FAQ section.

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Capital at risk. All investing should be regarded as longer term. The value of your investments can go up and down, and you may get back less than you invest.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

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