Every company is unique and has its own core values that underpin the culture. Here we share the values that are important to us. 

Moneybox Company Values

We call them A.L.O.T. which stands for: Action, Learning, Open-minded and Team.


We have a preference for ACTION

  • We’d rather do 100% of 8 things, than 80% of 10. If we’ve committed to something, we want to see it through. 
  • We deliver our best work and own it. 
  • We operate at pace and thrive under pressure, because sometimes achieving great things requires great effort. 

What this means for our customers: We’re constantly delivering things which help our customers save and invest for their future.


We’re always LEARNING

  • We think that continuous learning is crucial to ongoing success. 
  • We apply our learnings. We try new things. We share our knowledge. 
  • You own your development. We’ll support you by investing in it, just ask. 

What this means for our customers: We push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. We’re constantly improving so our customers get the best possible experience. 



  • We reserve the right to change our mind when we discover new information.
  • We have strong conviction and own our decisions, but if another idea wins the day, then we expect everyone to get behind it.

What this means for our customers: We’re agile and adapt to new information to help serve your saving and investing needs. 


We work as a TEAM

  • We’re building something amazing here and to do it, everyone should be pulling in the same direction. 
  • We rely on each other to succeed – we treat each other with respect, support each other and we foster collaboration.
  • We value the knowledge and experience of everyone in the team. A good idea is a good idea, we don’t care where it comes from.

What this means for our customers: Customers are part of the team. We are all in this together.