Inclusion and diversity are not new topics, however, they have been brought to the forefront of minds and conversations even more so this year.

At Moneybox we’re committed to fostering a culture of inclusion for all of our employees and customers alike, and over the past few months we’ve spent time asking ourselves… what does that truly look like and what actions are we, or can we be taking, to do better?

We’ve been discussing what more we could do as a business to actively promote, support and celebrate complete inclusion, diversity and equality. We’ve had some challenging but incredibly inspiring conversations among team members who have shared their stories, thoughts and ideas on how we can shape Moneybox to the company that we, and our customers, want it to be.

As a step to further drive our efforts of inclusion in the workplace, we’ve established the Moneybox Inclusion Committee. This is a team made up of voluntary members from across the business with a mission to listen, learn, teach and support each other so that all staff and customers can have a voice and a place within Moneybox.

The team gets together every fortnight to discuss initiatives that will build more awareness and generate proactive action for promoting inclusion and diversity. Our six key areas of focus are:

  • Teaching – promoting education and awareness of inclusion and diversity
  • Diversity in hiring – unbiased and fair hiring process
  • Safe space – making Moneybox a safe space where employees can bring their full selves to work
  • Inclusive products – exploring fund options that do not discriminate any religious or cultural norms
  • Outreach – for actions and external initiatives
  • Communications – establishing a Moneybox voice


Over the past few months the committee have been working on a variety of exciting initiatives, with a range of projects already underway, including;

  • Mentoring outreach to involve Moneybox in the wider community.
  • Reviewed and adapted our hiring criteria addressing any implicit bias through gender neutral job postings.
  • Building out our onboarding process so our diversity and inclusion values are clear upfront.
  • Research on inclusion and diversity across the financial service space and learning from best practice.
  • Company-wide survey to hear from the wider team about their thoughts on inclusion and diversity within Moneybox, with the results steering future projects.
  • Developing a diversity and inclusion communications policy and guidelines for internal and external use.
  • Celebrating a wide variety of topics and events including racial backgrounds, cultures and religions


We are committed to dig deeper into further initiatives, focusing on anti-racism and addressing implicit bias to promote, support and celebrate complete inclusion, diversity and equality. As a company we believe that diversity drives innovation and we look forward to our Inclusion Committee and initiatives playing an important part in our journey ahead.