The Moneybox Inclusion Committee launched 18 months ago, with a mission to drive diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) at Moneybox. We’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on and recognise some of the fantastic work of our Inclusion Committee, and share some of our plans for the next year.


Why the Inclusion Committee exists

We believe that Moneybox should be a place where every team member feels a true sense of belonging, with equal opportunities for everyone to succeed. We know that diversity drives innovation, performance and team success, and helps us support and build products for our customers.



Looking back on 2021

Here are some of the key DE&I achievements at Moneybox during 2021. 

  • Pronouns: We introduced the ability for our people to include their pronouns on internal company systems.
  • Lunch and Learns: We continued with a varied range of Lunch and Learn sessions. Topics included the LGBTQIA+ history of the world, Islamic Finance, Black History Month & mental health.
  • Unconscious bias training: We added training for all Moneybox employees to expand our knowledge of, and ways to identify, unconscious bias.
  • Gender-neutral job postings: We’ve taken steps to ensure the wording we use in our job postings is inclusive to all candidates.
  • Candidate demographic analysis: We began quarterly reporting on our candidate diversity and inclusion data.
  • Shariah fund: We launched a Shariah-compliant fund.
  • Reachout mentoring: We renewed our ReachOut partnership this year, which enables Moneybox team members to provide advice, support and career guidance to their young mentees.
  • Inclusion communication: We established a communication framework and shared inclusion discussions on our company #inclusion Slack channel.


Looking ahead to 2022

In 2022, we’ll be making some changes to the structure of the Inclusion Committee – going forward, it’ll be split into two groups:

  • Steering Committee: made up of people from across the company, the Steering Committee will take feedback and suggestions from across our employee base.
  • Task Force: made up of members of our People Team, the Task Force will action feedback and enact change at Moneybox.

Updates from the Steering Committee and Task Force will be given at quarterly meets.


Launching January 2022: Our DE&I Survey

We’re so excited to develop and extend our efforts to drive DE&I at Moneybox next year. To help with this, we’ll be launching a DE&I survey in January 2022 tol help us set tangible DE&I goals and identify actions that have the biggest impact.

We have a number of other exciting plans and partnerships in motion for 2022! Stay tuned for more updates, or check out our Careers page if you’re interested in joining us!