We caught up with Alice, People & Culture Team Manager. She tells us more about the team, what they do and how they are helping us to achieve the Moneybox mission.


How would you describe what the People & Culture team do?

The overall objective of the People & Culture team is to help people fulfil their potential at Moneybox, while ensuring that we create an inclusive and enjoyable place to work too. The work we do as a team is always aligned to helping Moneybox Team Members deliver against their personal goals, team goals and ultimately the company mission. 

The inclusion of the word ‘culture’ in our team name is probably a giveaway – we care deeply about the culture here at Moneybox! The Moneybox culture is what attracts people to work here, and is very often what keeps people here too. As a team, we’re very deliberate about how we maintain and build on our company culture as we grow. 

Our team has an impact on a Team Member from the moment they accept their new role at Moneybox. We organise their onboarding, and coordinate with the Office Team to make sure a Team Member’s first day goes smoothly. In the first half of 2022 we onboarded over 100 new joiners! 

Beyond onboarding, we endeavour to help all Team Members across a broad spectrum of ‘people’ topics, from progression, development and pay – right through to important life events like taking time off to have a baby. We also regularly run and act upon the results of our Moneybox Matters Engagement Surveys, to ensure we understand how our Team Members are feeling about life at Moneybox.


Team Structure

Currently we have a Head of People, a People & Culture Manager, three Advisers and a Coordinator, who has recently moved across from the Customer Support team at Moneybox, bringing great business experience with them. 


How has the People & Culture team evolved as the Moneybox team has grown? 

Our team has grown massively in the past couple of years. In January 2021 the team was one person, and now we’re a team of six! 

The role of the team has also evolved as the business has grown. We have matured a lot, working hard to prioritise the team’s workload and putting the right structures in place to retain the fantastic people that we have working here. For example, this year we rolled out our new benefits offerings to better reflect the size and scale of our business. This included highly requested benefits like subsidised private medical insurance, which has been well received by our Team Members! We’re also in the process of refreshing the way we do performance and development – again to better reflect our size and scale.

A key change for the team was introducing ‘People Partnering’. Each member of the People & Culture team is now aligned with a few teams from across the business, checking in with Team Leads regularly to offer support and guidance. This has been so important with our rapid scaling. Check-ins often involve conversations around progression, skills gaps, learning & development, and the latest initiatives that we’re rolling out as a team. Frequent check-ins help us to keep our fingers on the pulse of everything going on in the company, allowing us to be more proactive with our strategy.


How do the team work together on a weekly basis? 

Mondays are usually very busy (and fun!), as it’s typically the day that most new starters join the company. After they’ve been shown around the office and are set up with all the right equipment, a member of the People and Culture team will run through an onboarding presentation that covers key information about life at Moneybox, as well as people topics like our benefits and HR policies. 

Throughout the week we have team standup meetings to catch up on what’s happening around the business and to align on project work. Everyone is encouraged to raise anything they are struggling with, and we can all chip in and float alternative ideas.

Each month, we have a longer planning meeting where we prioritise our workload for the next month. These meetings also give us the chance to reflect on how different initiatives are performing, and if they need to be improved.

We always enjoy our bi-weekly ‘show and tell’ sessions, where we share People & Culture research and any industry best practice that we’ve seen making headlines. This is an informal session, but often produces some of our best ideas!

Finally, we really enjoy team socials – in the past we’ve used our quarterly ‘Team Time’ budget for crazy golf and virtual gaming, and we love going out for food regularly!


What achievement are you most proud of this year? 

It’s difficult to choose just one as we’ve done a monumental amount of work in the last 12 months! Growing the team is definitely a highlight, alongside launching our new HR system, delivering a new suite of benefits to all Team Members, launching progression frameworks for all teams across the company and refining our onboarding process for new joiners. 

One stand-out achievement is our company-wide Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of 67 out of a maximum score of 100 in our recent engagement survey. This is an exceptionally high score, so we are very proud of that!


How does the team promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)?

One of our most important goals as a team is to ensure that we provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all Team Members. The wider People Team supports and facilitates our Inclusion Committee, which continues to ensure that Moneybox is as inclusive as possible.  

To make sure that our People processes are equitable, we have embedded DE&I consideration into our project management processes. DE&I is also built into the role competencies for everyone in the People team and Senior Leadership. 

This year we launched our first Inclusion survey, in which we encouraged Team Members to tell us more about their demographic information if they felt comfortable to share as well as their feelings about equity and inclusion at Moneybox. We received great engagement and the survey results have helped us to understand what diversity currently looks like at Moneybox, as well as helping us to shape and focus our DE&I strategy.

Learn more about Moneybox’s holistic approach to DE&I


Finally, do you have any advice for someone looking to join Moneybox?

Definitely check out our careers page and Linkedin Life page and get familiar with our values: Action, Learning, Open-mindedness and Team, because we talk and care about those ALOT!

I’d also recommend downloading the app and having a play around – we’ve added brilliant new functionality recently. Hopefully you’ll see how inclusive our products are as well as our workplace!