Tell us about your Moneybox career so far

I joined Moneybox in November 2020 as a Support Team Executive. I had previously worked in the tourism industry, and experienced some turbulent times during the Covid-19 lockdowns. I was looking for a more stable industry and had an interest in fintech, so I decided to apply for a role with Moneybox!

During my time in the Support team I spoke with customers and took on various projects that helped to improve their experience. I quickly realised that I enjoyed talking to customers who wanted to know more about our Lifetime ISA and our home-buying products, which prompted me to think about what my future career at Moneybox could look like. 

Luckily, a Trainee Mortgage Broker role came up almost a year after I joined, and I knew instantly that I had to apply! The role was advertised internally to the Customer Operations and Support teams, as we all have great customer service skills that would prove useful in a Mortgage Broker role. My supervisor was really supportive – and we chatted about the career opportunities that would be available in the future, even if I wasn’t successful in my application. 

Fortunately, I was successful and I’ve been working in the Mortgages team since October 2021! The team immediately made me feel welcome – I had an intro meeting with everyone to get to know them, as well as hearing more about each of their roles and how my role would fit into the team.


What does the Trainee Mortgage Broker role involve?

I’ve been busy since joining the team – I’ve been supporting Case Managers, who help our customers throughout their home-buying journey, as well as using Intercom to support customers with mortgage queries.  

Moneybox is also funding my Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) qualification as part of the role, so I can become a licensed Mortgage Broker. I’m studying for this at the moment, and it’s such a fantastic opportunity for my own personal career progression. 

The course and exams cover a range of topics from financial regulation to mortgage advice and practice.  Every Moneybox employee can allot an hour a week of work time to personal learning and development. I typically use this hour to cover the course content. Plus, I get two days for each exam to put day-to-day work aside and focus on my studies.


How has Moneybox supported your internal career progression? 

The team at Moneybox have been so helpful in supporting my career progression. From the moment I considered applying for the Trainee Mortgage Broker role, my manager wanted me to succeed. 

Plus, when I first joined the Mortgages team, multiple people offered to mentor me and help me find my feet. People at Moneybox are really generous with their time, offering advice and guidance whenever I ask for it! 

It’s also great that most of the team have already completed their CeMAP studies, because I can lean on them for advice and support while revising. 


Can you tell us about something exciting that you’ve been working on recently?

At the moment I’m working on a project with the Support team to help them generate mortgage leads off the back of Lifetime ISA questions that come through from customers. 

Some people don’t know that we offer a mortgage service, so pointing them in the right direction is a helpful step in their home-buying journey. The project is at a really exciting point having just gone live, so I’m excited to see where it leads!


What’s your favourite thing about working at Moneybox?

I really enjoy the team feel! Every team at Moneybox gets allocated a ‘team time’ budget which is a budget per person to be spent on an activity away from the office – in the past we’ve done cocktail masterclasses and been for meals out in London! 

I’ve also enjoyed going into the office since moving to a hybrid way of working. The office is really central so I get to enjoy my lunch by the river! Inside it’s a great space to work and collaborate with the team – I find that having a nice space makes a real difference to your working day! 


Do you have any advice for someone looking to apply for a role at Moneybox?

I’d say have an open mind – there are lots of opportunities at Moneybox to move internally, and you might find your dream job without even realising it was your dream job! 

There are some great examples at Moneybox of people moving teams internally. For example, former members of the Support team have moved into the Engineering team after doing coding courses in their spare time, while others have joined the People and Talent teams to help Moneybox grow and mature further!