Dreaming of buying your first home? With the Help to Buy ISA no longer available to new customers, the Lifetime ISA is now one of the best ways to save for your first home, giving you a government bonus of 25% on top of the tax-free savings.  

Use our free calculator to see how much you could get from saving with a Lifetime ISA for your first home. 

Simply select when you think you’d be ready to buy your first home and how much you think you’ll save each year. We’ll then display your estimated total balance including contributions, government bonus, savings returns and any non-ISA savings.

See below for the assumptions we’ve used, and remember that interest rates may change in the future.

If you think the Lifetime ISA is right for you, check out our market-leading Cash Lifetime ISA or our Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA.  


It’s important you know:

If you need to withdraw money for any reason other than your first home or retirement, you’ll pay a government charge of 25% on any sum you withdraw. The effect of this charge is you’ll lose the government bonus plus £6.25 per £100 you contributed.


Assumptions:  Lifetime Interest Rate of 1.4% (the Moneybox Cash Lifetime ISA) and Help to Buy ISA interest rate of 2.58%, the best rates on MoneySavingExpert.com (correct as of 4/10/2019). Contributions assumed to be made evenly through the year.