Despite being one of the most exciting life milestones, there’s no doubt that buying a home can also be stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! To help you prepare, we spoke to 1,500 home-buyers across the UK to learn what they found most stressful about their experience – and their top tips for next time. Here’s what they said.


The top 10 causes of home-buying stress

4 in 10 successful home-buyers said buying a home was more stressful than finding a job, planning a wedding or having a child!

😩 The sheer amount of admin

😩 Having to chase solicitors

😩 Finding a property you like and can afford

😩 Worrying the sale might fall through

😩 Having little control of the process and keeping things moving

😩 Waiting for the results of surveys in case anything is wrong

😩 Having to deal with solicitors

😩 Waiting on a move-in date

😩 Trying to juggle work and keeping on top of the process 

😩 Having an issue elsewhere in the chain that is out of your control


How long does it take to buy a home?

The home-buyers we spoke to found that it took on average 5.2 months from putting in an offer on a property, to completing the purchase and getting the keys. However, most home-buyers agreed that there were some parts of the process that took longer than they expected. 

📅 Waiting for a confirmed ‘completion date’

📝 Solicitors sending documents and contracts

🏠 Finding the right property

🏦 Being approved for a mortgage

👀 Getting the report back after a property survey

That’s a lot of waiting! Overall, more than half (55%) said their home-buying experience was more stressful than they had anticipated. However, knowledge is power and looking back, they realised there were certain things they could do to make the experience less stressful next time around.


Home-buyers’ 10 top tips to reduce home-buying stress

  1. Try not to worry as much about things out of your control 😊
  2. Be financially prepared to cover unexpected costs 💰
  3. Get all your key documents ready as early and quickly as possible 📝
  4. Ask more questions to understand the process, documents and forms ❓
  5. Get more quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal 🤑
  6. Take more time over big decisions ⏳
  7. Use more professional services, such as mortgage brokers and removal companies 💼
  8. Be more flexible with the moving date 🚛
  9. Get advice earlier in the process to prepare for everything earlier 🤝
  10. Avoid Googling too much because answers are contradictory 🤔

We hope these tips help you feel more in control of your own home-buying journey. Remember, it doesn’t have to be stressful! In fact, despite the stress, 36% of our survey participants said buying a home was still one of the best things they’ve ever done. 


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