95 Day Notice Account

What is the 95 Day Notice Account and how does it work?

Notice Accounts are a great way to earn higher interest rates than on instant access accounts. We’ve partnered with Investec to launch our first savings account, a 95 Day Notice Account where you can earn 1.65% AER (variable). You’ll need to give us 95 days’ notice to make a withdrawal. You can start with £1 and save up to £85,000.

Notice accounts differ to instant access, as in exchange for a higher interest rate, you need to give us notice before you take your money out. Money you add to the account earns interest daily, and withdrawals can be requested in-app at any time. When you give us notice of a withdrawal, the money will continue to earn interest during the 95 day notice period. When the notice period has passed we send your withdrawal to your bank account via BACS, which you will receive within 3-5 working days.

Like our Cash LISA, there are no fees for this account.

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