What can I invest in?

Moneybox has worked with experts to offer you three Starting Options – Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous. All you need to do is pick one based on your attitude to risk and return.

Each Starting Option contains a mix of tracker (mutual) funds. If you’d like to, you can customise the asset allocations of our suggested starting options to create a personalised portfolio. However, you should bear in mind that our Starting Options have been carefully designed by investment experts to optimise risk and return for the selected risk appetite. Please make sure you fully understand how changing the allocation could impact your investment return and risk level before making any changes to these allocations.

The mix of funds in each Starting Option is shown in the table below:

Cautious Balanced Adventurous Comment
Global Shares: Fidelity 15% 65% 80% Track the global stock market with shares in more than 1600 companies across 23 countries.
Global Property Shares ESG: iShares by BlackRock 5% 10% 15% Pool your money with lots of others to invest in over 300 property companies from around the world, across a range of industries from residential housing to shopping centres.
Overseas Corporate Bonds ESG: iShares by BlackRock 20% 25% 5% Balance your portfolio with bonds which are generally a lower risk and lower return option than shares.
Overseas Government Bonds: iShares by Blackrock 20% Diversify your portfolio and balance your risk with government bonds.
Cash Trust: Legal & General 40% Instead of investing in shares, the fund deposits most of your money with the banks and financial institutions offering the most competitive interest rates at the time.


In addition to these Starting Options, we offer five further tracker funds you can invest in. More information of each fund can be found in the app under Settings > Allocations:


If you have an ISA, GIA or S&S LISA, you can also customise your investment allocation to invest in a range of ETFs. The ETFs we currently offer are:

Finally, if you hold a Stocks & Shares ISA you can also invest in some of the world’s largest and best-known companies! You can view which US stocks we offer here 🔍

The mix of funds in each Starting Option before 19th December 2018.

Cautious Balanced Adventurous Comment
Henderson Cash fund 85% 30% 5% The Cash Fund invests primarily in short term deposits and money market instruments. The fund focus is capital protection with some limited income potential.
Vanguard Global Equities fund 10% 45% 60% The Global Equity Fund aims to invest almost 100% of its assets in UK and non-UK stocks (including emerging markets). The Fund will seek to gain exposure to global equity markets by tracking major equity indices, although the UK stock market will be among the larger exposures held within the fund.
BlackRock Global Property Securities fund 5% 25% 35% The Property Fund seeks to achieve capital growth by tracking the performance of an index made up of the shares of leading property companies which are listed on the global equity markets.


Please note that our Junior ISA app offers the same Starting Options listed above that were available before December 2018. For more information about our Junior ISA app, please visit the Junior ISA FAQ section or contact our team via

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All investing should be regarded as longer term. The value of your investments can go up and down, and you may get back less than you invest.

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