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I haven’t received my customer’s pending bonus.

LISA bonuses are paid at the end of each month, based on the customers’ contributions made the month before. If your customer advises they have a pending bonus payment, there is an option on the withdrawal form to request their current balance, as well as any pending bonuses once we receive these from HMRC.

If you selected the option to withdraw pending bonuses and you have not received these, it is likely because the bonus was received after the ‘date funds are required by’ provided on the withdrawal form. In this case, either you or our mutual customer would just need to get in touch to confirm the purchase has not yet completed and advise us of the estimated completion date.

If the bonus funds can be sent to you before completion, we will arrange this. Please note that bonus funds cannot be sent after a purchase has completed, as they must be used towards the purchase price of the property. Instead, these funds would be deposited into the customer’s LISA for them to either keep for retirement, or withdraw to their own linked bank account with the 25% withdrawal penalty.

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