Like many others, our team began working from home in March following government advice around the Coronavirus outbreak. Company culture is a key part of working at Moneybox, so we’ve tried hard to stay connected as we adapt to working from home.

As a digital company, our app and the products we offer are unaffected by the lockdown, however, as a collaborative team working together in an open plan office space, the sudden switch to working individually from home took some getting used to!

First on the agenda for our People Team was to make sure the whole team had the set up needed to work comfortably from home. Each member of the team was given a work from home budget to spend on anything which would improve their new life at home, and purchases ranged from laptop stands and ergonomic cushions, to houseplants and air diffusers. While there are a lot of benefits to working from home, it’s not always as ideal as an office environment, so giving everyone the opportunity to improve their set up however they saw fit was key to starting off on the right foot.

For those missing the watercooler chat integral to office life, we’ve created a Slack channel which every week pairs each member up with someone from the wider company they don’t often interact with – #coffee-convos. This creates a chance for team members who don’t often cross paths in their work to take a break and have a chat – we’re keen to remain a friendly and social team even while we’re social distancing!

Not being in the office also presented some new challenges for our Culture Committee, the team members in charge of organising a variety of activities and regular events which take place at the Moneybox office, but they quickly sprung to action and set up our ‘Challenge of the Week’ within the first week of lockdown. Each week a new challenge is announced, and entries are shared in our dedicated Slack channel. So far we’ve been recreating our favourite art, holiday pictures, album covers, and much more! Here are just a few highlights:

Our Moneybox Bake Off may be on hold, but we’re carrying on cooking through weekly cook-along classes, conducted over Google Meet and led by a different Moneyboxer each week. This has been a great opportunity to do something together outside of work hours, and, for those getting bored of their own cooking during lockdown, learn some new recipes!

For anyone looking for something tasty with a little less effort, we’ve also been sending out Deliveroo and Just Eat vouchers to everyone in the team twice a month.

To balance out our gourmet lockdown meals, we’re now running weekly HIIT classes, as well as our usual weekly yoga class and running club, which have continued digitally, so we can keep moving outside our daily walks. Although our runners can no longer run together, they’ve been tracking their total kilometers to complete a virtual cross-country journey. Since lockdown began they’ve covered 960km collectively, and have run from our London office to Scotland!

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The whole team have been working on various projects – big and small – since we began working from home. To show our appreciation for the continued hard work, commitment, and creativity of our team during these times, the People team arranged for everyone to choose gifts, ranging from houseplants to gourmet brownies, to be delivered to their home.

On top of all this, our company-wide monthly meetings and the infamous post-meeting quiz have been continuing as normal. We’re continuing to expand the team and onboard new starters during lockdown, so it’s important that new members of the team are able to get involved in the culture at Moneybox, even if they’re yet to meet the team in person.

While we might not be organising another scavenger hunt across London in the near future, we’re still looking forward to being able to return to the office. Until then, it’s been great to see the team come together in so many fun and creative ways to keep our company culture alive during lockdown.