In May 2019, we launched our first Socially Responsible fund in response to requests from users looking to invest in a way that’s more aligned with their values. This was an incredibly exciting option to give our users, however the team quickly started thinking of ways we could improve our own operations to change the day to day running of Moneybox for the better. Our co-founder and self-professed polar bear enthusiast, Charlie, decided that making Moneybox carbon neutral would be a great step to take towards this goal.

To analyse, calculate and offset our carbon footprint we teamed up with Alectro, who are one of only 21 official global partners to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) initiative, Climate Neutral Now. You can find out more about how offsetting works and take an in-depth look at how we became carbon neutral here. In today’s post we’ll be catching up with a few members of the Moneybox team to share their views on the project and the steps they’re taking in their own lives to reduce their environmental impact. 🌎


“Calculating our carbon footprint was a big project, which involved a lot of chasing different teams and companies, as well as a lot of invoices and receipts! This was all on top of my usual responsibilities running the busy Moneybox office, but was key to making sure we could provide an accurate picture of the day to day operations contributing to our carbon footprint. The team at Alectro were very really helpful and also patient – at the beginning of the process I had a basic understanding of what being carbon neutral meant, but the experience was definitely a learning curve and I feel really proud that Moneybox has taken a big step towards being more environmentally friendly.

I try to do my part in my own life, but something I’d like to improve would definitely be my electricity consumption. In the digital age we’re constantly using electricity – in my house our phones, laptops and televisions are always on and I’d like to be more efficient with this. When I walk home from work I see so many shops and office buildings with the lights on after they’re closed – this is something we always avoid in the Moneybox office as it’s so unnecessary!”

– Salma, Office Coordinator

“I’m really keen on environmental issues so it’s great to see one of my core values is being addressed where I work. I’m conscious that if we don’t alter our current behaviour we’re on a dangerous trajectory as a planet – businesses have a big responsibility to do their part, so making a commitment like becoming carbon neutral was a big step in the right direction for Moneybox! I also think individuals hold a lot of power, so I cycle to work and eat a mostly plant-based diet, which are changes that can be made on an individual level that still have a big impact!”

– Sam, Partnership Executive

“It’s really nice and uplifting to be working for a company and with colleagues who care about the environment! I was happy to see that our carbon footprint as a business was already well below the industry average, but it’s particularly exciting to know that we’re now donating to some amazing projects around the world to neutralise our footprint altogether.

In terms of personal steps I’d like to take to make an impact, becoming vegan for at least 4 days a week is my first goal. I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years now but have struggled with giving up eggs and dairy. Hopefully a step by step approach will help!”

– Frances, Head of User Insight

“I think going carbon neutral is a good starting point and I like working for a company that is making a true commitment to net-zero emissions. I didn’t know what going ‘carbon neutral’ meant before, but I think it’s great to reduce the avoidable carbon emissions and offset the unavoidable carbon emissions caused by the daily runnings of the company. Personally I try to do everything within my control to limit my impact on the environment, including eating vegan). I believe we should all try to do as much as possible to reduce our own environmental impacts.”

– Tom, Junior Backend Developer


To offset our carbon emissions, we’re supporting a mixture of Gold Standard accredited and United Nations accredited Certified Emission Reductions projects from around the globe:

We’re really excited to be supporting great causes around the world and taking steps to make Moneybox a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place to work! We’re now recognised by the UN as a carbon neutral business, becoming the first UK fintech to sign the initiative! You can find us listed here on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website.

Here’s to a greener future for all of us!