How did you get into the world of Compliance?

I used to work for a large consulting firm in their cyber security team, and was able to try out lots of different projects, many of which were focused on risk, regulation and compliance. I found these projects to be the most interesting and complex and they presented a real challenge, so when I saw the opportunity to join the Moneybox Compliance team, I jumped at the chance!


What are your responsibilities within the Compliance team?

I deal with resolving customer complaints, policy making, reviewing financial promotions and carrying out regulatory reviews. In addition to this, I also focus on Cyber and Information Security. This involves all things GDPR, reporting threats, reviewing our security arrangements and carrying out due diligence checks on the suppliers that we work with, to make sure that our data is secure and our customers are protected.


What’s it like to work in the Compliance team?

I joined the Compliance team in May 2020, when there were just 4 people. Now we’ve grown to a team of 11! Everyone brings so much knowledge to the team, so you’re constantly learning from each other, which is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge! We’re a sociable bunch too, which I think is just as important.


What is one of your greatest achievements at Moneybox so far?

Taking ownership of various reviews and annual regulatory reports. These have involved working with other teams to gather information and report on the security setup of Moneybox, then creating the findings report which covers all the controls, tests and recommendations to implement. To see my name on the document was great, as it was recognition of the work I had done.


What do you enjoy most about working at Moneybox?

I really love the amount of responsibility that I’ve been given in the team, even as a Junior Compliance Officer. It was one of the big selling points about the role and it’s been a real confidence booster to take charge of projects and use my initiative to solve problems and provide solutions to complex issues. I enjoy coming to work in the morning knowing that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow in my role and to work with a great team of people.


What would you say to anyone looking to join Moneybox?

I would definitely recommend doing your research! Download the app and have a look around to familiarise yourself with it. I would also look at who our competitors are and what they are doing; what makes Moneybox different and why do we stand out from the rest?

It’s also good to have a look at our values – they are more than just a thing we have on our website! Everyone at Moneybox truly embodies the values in the work that they do and so it’s important to know what they are and how they apply to your life and work too.