One of the critical functions of the tech team at Moneybox is the QA team. Without rigorous testing of our latest features and product improvements, we could end up with bugs… code bugs that is. 🐛  That’s where our trusty QA team come in – they hunt for bugs and make sure everything works as it should from what you see on your screen to what happens in the backend of our system.

Here, to tell us more about the inner workings of Quality Assurance is, one of our dedicated QA Engineers, Qasim.

What is the biggest challenge for QA day to day?

Probably keeping up with all the features to be tested! At Moneybox we’re constantly releasing new updates to the app, adding new features and products, and that means the QA team needs to test all these new features before they’re released to our customers. Then, just before we’re ready to release, the QA team regression tests the entire app, which means we test all the existing functionality and features to make sure they all work correctly. This happens roughly once every couple of weeks, so we’re constantly working hard to make sure everything works beautifully for our customers!

Do you get the opportunity to be involved with other areas of the business?

All the time! I work alongside the mobile and cloud apps teams, and it’s a very collaborative environment. The development, QA and product teams very often get together and discuss new features and how they’ll be implemented and tested. We are also quite involved with the insight team, and regularly help with setting up test data and testing new features.

With a busy work schedule, how do you stay on top of your professional development/or learning?

With so many new features being introduced all the time, it’s very easy to develop new skills and learn testing techniques while testing those features. Sometimes you may need to write and run a complex SQL script, at other times you may need to use a new testing technique you’ve never used before. I’ve also tried to get stuck in with our new automation testing piece, and have begun learning more about Java, Appium and building testing frameworks while working on that. Any day where I feel like I’ve learnt or discovered something new, and made a valuable contribution to the team and the company as a whole is a good day!

What is your greatest achievement at Moneybox?

When we enabled the ability for users to contribute to their pension, I was one of the principal testers assigned to that project. We tested many different test cases and scenarios, both on our iOS and Android apps, as well as checking that the backend was sending the correct data. It was a huge amount of work and took a good few weeks to complete, but in the end it was a successful release! After that, I was assigned to the pensions team full-time, so now I focus on testing any pensions-related features.

What is the best thing about working at Moneybox?

The people. Moneybox is full of very talented employees who love what they do and are great fun to work with. Everyone is always ready to chat, and even in the current COVID-19 situation the people and the company culture is still as positive as ever!

What exciting things are you working on?

Currently we’re working on a lot of exciting features for our pensions product, and I’m the owner of the testing side. There’s not much more I can say, it’s all very hush-hush and confidential! Other than that, we’re working on getting as many tests automated as we can for regression testing, which will massively increase the speed at which we can test the entirety of the app, giving us time to focus on testing more complex features and scenarios.