What does the day to day look like for someone in the Cloud Apps team?

The core theme running through all of the work we do in Cloud Apps is delivering great functional and technical features, by closely collaborating with all the other great Moneybox teams.

As a team lead, my role focuses on supporting teams and individuals to be able to achieve this, whether this be through technical or career mentoring, working with the business to convert vague business problems into technical solutions, or just getting stuck into challenging situations!


How would you describe the professional development opportunities?

There are so many opportunities for people to grow at Moneybox. For example, it could be leading a key delivery, focusing on new technologies and how they can help us, or simply working alongside some of the best people you could find! It certainly keeps everyone on their toes.

However, just as important is the structure we have in place to ensure that people can achieve their goals and continually grow. For example, we have progression maps, mentoring schemes, pair programming, one-to-ones, regular reviews and so much more!


For someone who wants to join the team, what would you recommend in terms of learning and upskilling?

Demonstrating that you have a passion to learn is a great starting place, as we work in such a fast-paced environment that there are always new things to pick up!

In terms of specifics, it’s always good to have a SOLID understanding of different design patterns (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) and overall understanding of the creation of production-ready software. We continuously deploy new features, so what you build today can then be live, well, today!


What are the biggest issues you’re working on at the moment?

One issue, which is great to have, is trying to keep up with the speed at which the team and the company are growing.

The whole team is involved in this, but to give you a sense of the challenge, I have probably completed 30 to 40 interviews in the last four months alone! Our amazing People team supports us in this process, ensuring we have the right people that won’t compromise the quality of our work or the ethos and spirit that makes the team (and wider company) so great to work for.


What makes the day to day exciting?

The sheer range of work I’m involved in, which means working alongside so many different people, disciplines and teams, plus the fact we all come together with one common goal.

For example, I can go from talking about moving our data into Data Lakes for analytical purposes, to security work, to setting up exciting new savings accounts, to deployment and terraform issues… all within one morning! If you take a step back, it’s amazing to see how much we deliver on a regular basis.


What are the team’s long-term goals?

To continue to grow, foster innovation and be a fun place to work. My role is centred around People, Processes and Delivery, so my contribution is to really focus on how those things need to evolve and adapt to help us achieve our goals.

However, the two certainties I can rely on are that our Product team will always have cool new features for us to build, helping our customers achieve their goals, and change is inevitable, so it’s important both to embrace and enjoy it!