How the Moneybox app comes to life, across the various mobile devices of our hundreds of thousands of customers, is down to the work of our UX and UI designers. This is the team who dedicate themselves to continuously improving the overall usability, look and feel of the app.

This month we have a chat with Nadine, one of our fantastic UX Designers, who navigates us through her journey at Moneybox.


How did you get into the world of design?

I actually got into design quite late in my career. Before transitioning, I spent four years as a Campaign Manager and Product Marketer for a B2B retail tech company, and going even further back I worked in the fashion industry as a Product Assistant. 

It was only after working closely with some amazing designers in my last marketing role that I realised I preferred their job to mine! This led to me going back to school so I could properly break into the design industry. 


What opportunities for career development have you had since joining the Moneybox Design team?

Since joining, I’ve not only been given the tools and the time needed to upskill – this was my first experience as a product designer –  but also the opportunity to focus on areas of the business that interested me. 

I originally started out as a designer within the Core team working on general app updates, but as I already had experience with conversion optimisation and the numbers side of things – I was given the opportunity to join our Growth team after only being at the company for three months. 


What are your responsibilities within the Design team?

As a Growth UX UI Designer I’m responsible for delivering design solutions that improve our users’ experience with Moneybox, while also delivering business value. 

To do this, we A/B test and user test our designs as much as possible so we can better understand what does and does not work. These insights then allow us to come up with solutions that equally address business goals as well as user needs. 


What does collaboration between teams look like?

As a designer we work really closely with all of the teams! Daily we probably spend the most time collaborating with the Product and Engineering team, but we also work closely with Insights, Marketing, Customer Support and Compliance too. 

Getting to work so closely with all of the different teams has been really helpful. You get such a better understanding of the problems they’re each trying to solve, which inevitably design can usually help with. It could be anything from tweaking a screen to address a common customer complaint, to creating a tool that will help users get more value out of the app.


Do you feel that you’ve learned a lot since joining Moneybox? What does progression look like in your team?

I feel like I’ve learned so much since joining Moneybox, especially since this was my first experience focusing solely on app design. My team has been amazing at answering my many many questions, giving useful design feedback and just supporting me overall. 

We have really clear roles and responsibilities for each design level – so you know exactly what kind of skills you need to further develop and progress in your career

Firstly, I’d say it’s such a great opportunity. I’ve worked for some really lovely companies, but this is the only one that I’ve found to care this much about their employees’ well-being, happiness and career trajectory. Which I believe comes down to the people who make up Moneybox.

And secondly, if you’re looking to be challenged every day, work with some incredible people and be part of something that’s going to change people’s financial lives for the better – then this is the place for you.