What does a typical day look like for you in the Insight team? 

As an Insight Analyst, I’m responsible for providing insight for our Savings products. This typically involves assessing the performance of our wide range of products against our key targets, analysing the impact of customer communications that we’ve sent out as well as assessing whether a new product feature has been successful.


What are the most rewarding and challenging parts of your role?

The most rewarding part of being an Insight Analyst at Moneybox is that alongside providing data and developing reports, you are also heavily encouraged to find ways of driving the development of the products you are responsible for. It’s really exciting to see the suggestions from a piece of analysis that you’ve done be implemented into the app or the way we communicate with our customers. 

One of the more challenging parts of this role is that the business relies on you to be the source of truth for all data – which means you always have to have 100% confidence in the numbers that you present as they will be used to make high-level decisions across the company. I remember this being particularly intimidating when I first joined! But having such a great team who are so supportive has really helped build my confidence with this. 


What opportunities for career development have you had since joining the Moneybox Insight team?

Since joining the team, my role has shifted focus a few times – from starting off as a general analyst to specialising as the dedicated analyst for the Savings mission team. This change involved essentially becoming the ‘expert’ in the team for this collection of products and provided lots of opportunity to develop my commercial and strategic thinking. I have also been able to really hone my presentation skills through regularly leading presentations to senior management on the latest insights into the Savings products we offer. 


What is your greatest achievement at Moneybox?

Developing the idea of a ‘Max Out Calculator’ tool for our Cash Lifetime ISA product. I came up with the idea to test out an in-app campaign which shows users how much they would need to deposit each week to ‘max-out’ their £4,000 contribution limit by the end of the tax year. The campaign performed really well and received great feedback – we are now looking at ways of implementing the idea more widely throughout the app! 


For someone who wants to join the Insight team at Moneybox, what would you recommend in terms of learning and upskilling?

SQL, Excel and PowerBI are the main tools that we regularly use to gather data, conduct analyses and showcase performance to the wider business. Having some exposure and understanding of these would definitely be beneficial. Having said that, people join our team with a wide range of skills and experience and are given the support and training in these tools during their time at Moneybox. More generally, developing a curiosity for data and a strategic mindset are arguably even more important for a successful career as an Insight Analyst.