In this final chapter of our three part progression series, we speak with Kasey about his journey so far at Moneybox. Kasey originally joined our Customer Operations function and recently transitioned across to a role in our Platform team as an Investment Operations Executive. We find out more about his move through the Moneybox ecosystem and his career progression story.


Tell us about your career progression at Moneybox

I joined Moneybox in September 2019 and started my journey as part of the Pensions team as a Customer Operations Executive. I was responsible for managing the end-to-end transfer process for customers who wanted to consolidate their old workplace pensions into a new Moneybox Personal Pension.

After a year in the role, I was excited to transition into the Platform Team as a Junior Investment Operations Executive. In this role I am involved in the operational processes that ensure our customers money is deposited/invested and properly accounted for.


What interested you in your new role? Was it something you were interested in pre-Moneybox, or discovered later?

I’d always had an interest in the investment sector throughout education, having studied economics both at university and sixth form. As the investment role also specialised in pensions, I felt like it was the best of both worlds as it combined my interests in the investment world and my experience working in the Moneybox Pensions team.


What was the process of moving to a new team?

I first saw the role on the Moneybox website so I registered my interest with both my line manager at the time, and the line manager for the Investment Operations team. I then went through a three stage process, where I had an introductory chat with the team leader, followed by an Excel task and a final interview with the team leader and a senior leader of the wider Platform team.


How did you find moving to a new role within the same company?

The experience was actually very comfortable as I already knew everyone I was interviewing with, which is a first! Prior to actually starting the new role, I had a couple of taster sessions into what I’d be doing in the role and my handover period was very organised and structured.


What skills from your first role have you found useful in your new role?

Gaining a year of experience in the world of pensions was very useful when moving over to this role, as it allowed me to have a better understanding of what needed to be done when it came to special cases. This was through not only knowledge of the pension sector but knowledge of how the internal software in Moneybox works when it comes to investing within the pension product.


Are you happy with the move you made?

It was an area I had an interest in and thought I could make a difference, so I haven’t looked back! Luckily for me, both teams were very welcoming and open to the move. I am really enjoying gaining new experiences and working with people from across the business.  


We hoped you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at some of the progression experiences our team members have had in their journey so far. The continued growth of Moneybox is underpinned by the development and progression of each and every team member and it’s something we very proudly support!