A Design team where no two designers are the same

Since I joined, the Design team has nearly doubled in size – we’re now a team of 14 (and still growing), with every member having a unique skill set that adds a lot of value to the things we do. 

We have designers from a range of different backgrounds and design disciplines; some have strong backgrounds in UX, some love developing UI, and we even have designers that are great when it comes to DesignOps. This is hugely beneficial because it means the team has a lot of depth across a broad range of areas, making it a unique and diverse working environment – with lots of opportunities to learn!

As well as being in the Design team, I’m also aligned with Moneybox’s Retirement team – which means a lot of the work I do is on developing our Personal Pension. I work alongside one other designer in Retirement, and both of us have the opportunity to own individual pieces of the product from a design perspective. 

We also come together to tackle some of the bigger areas when a more complex feature is being introduced. This is a great way of working as it’s important we have a collaborator there to discuss ideas, analyse the problem and brainstorm solutions!


Collaboration is one of our biggest strengths

Collaboration at Moneybox is a huge part of the company culture. We work across teams and include different parts of the company in every project – big or small. Fresh ideas and different perspectives are always welcomed and ultimately contribute to a more well-rounded final product

Product aside, the emphasis on collaboration has also made me feel encouraged and supported in my role, ensuring that the transition from new starter to a valued team member is seamless. 

Getting to be so hands-on definitely helped me to progress from Junior Product Designer to Product Designer this year. That’s because I could assimilate into the day-to-day processes, have an impact quickly, and get to know Moneybox’s products and our customers on a deeper level. I’m now confident in leading the design of new features thanks to those I’ve had the opportunity to learn from.


Regular feature releases

At Moneybox, we try to use incremental change and the learning that comes with that to help develop the best experience over time. We don’t often spend 6 months on a single project. In fact, we’ve usually shipped 5-10 different projects during that time! 

We now release new features on a weekly basis across the app, often utilising something called a feature flag. Feature flags allow us to ‘turn on’ and test new features with a subset of customers before releasing them to our entire customer base. This is a huge advantage because we’re able to quickly learn how the overall experience is being affected, and make any necessary tweaks ahead of a larger release.

One of the key aspects of being able to deliver features quickly is the working relationship we have with the developers in our team. For example, being able to give them visibility as early as possible in the design phase means they’re prepared for any of the build work that might follow. 

To assist in this process we have regular ‘refinement’ sessions where we discuss the latest designs and field any questions, which enables everyone to figure out if there are any technical constraints that may exist with the design that need addressing. This approach has proven to be an efficient way of ensuring the design and development processes run as smoothly as possible.


Our tools and processes are always evolving 

At Moneybox, we have a comprehensive design system that’s constantly evolving with input from the whole team. As designers, one of the most important things is how we utilise the design system to achieve our objectives. For example, we recently transitioned over to Figma as a way to improve the organisation of our design workflow and streamline how we communicate to developers about implementation.

We’ve also adopted the use of FigJam to carry out workshops and illustrate journeys so the whole team can see how a customer can move through a process or task. Despite being in a great place, everyone is always looking at ways we can improve and are open-minded to adopting new processes!


Opportunities for personal growth

One thing that has surprised me about working at Moneybox is how much we’re encouraged to take ownership of our own development. There’s a fully transparent progression path for every employee, and this is reflected on and referred to regularly as you gain experience and become more familiar with your role. 

This support for professional and personal growth is strong from all levels across the organisation, and it’s something that I’ve found to be super valuable!