An integral part of the Moneybox engine is our ‘Platform’ and the group of technical experts responsible for building and maintaining this intricate system is the Platform Engineering Team. They ensure that your money is carefully looked after every step of its in-app journey. This month, we chat to one of our talented Engineering Leads, David, who tells us a little more about life in the coding lane.


What does team Platform do?

Team Platform is responsible for handling our customers’ money as soon as it arrives into Moneybox. This means carefully tracking the journey of every single penny from our customers’ bank accounts to places that help them grow their savings. We’re growing fast and have a never-ending wishlist of new features to work on. Despite the fact we work on complex problems, we keep our codebase as clean and developer-friendly as possible so new starters can always hit the ground running.


What does a typical sprint look like for you?

Our sprint cycles are relatively long at eight weeks so we can appropriately plan large projects alongside smaller bits of work. We prioritise spending time on getting things done over rigorous planning, being agile in the true sense of the word, with only meaningful ceremonies.


Do you feel that you’ve grown as a professional since joining Moneybox? Has your team been supportive of this?

Absolutely. The learning curve has been steep but everyone has always been extremely helpful and patient. My responsibilities have grown at just the right pace, from web portal improvements in my first week, to planning a large database migration and even managing a small team of my own. I’ve always been pushed and empowered, but never pressured.


What would you say to anyone looking to join Moneybox?

There’s a reason we’re always featured in the lists of best places to work! We have a culture of friendliness and openness that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Even in lockdown, you’re made to feel part of the Moneybox family.