Part two of our role progression series, we meet Chloe and find out more about her Moneybox journey. Chloe joined the People team back in 2019 as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator and has recently been promoted to a Talent Executive. We explore how she has found the step upwards and the development she’s experienced along the way. 


How has your career progressed at Moneybox?

I joined Moneybox back in September 2019 when we were approximately 60 employees, compared to the 190 we have now! I started my career working in agency recruitment and this role at Moneybox was my first in-house position, a move that I was extremely excited and ready for! I was eager to work in a fast paced and scaling environment in which there was lots of scope to make the role my own.

After my first year I progressed from Talent Coordinator to Talent Executive, taking on a range of different roles outside of my original remit, thinking more independently and heading up projects. I went from being knowledgeable about recruiting for one area of the business to multiple in the space of a couple of months and also helped grow the company by nearly 50% in that year.


How did you find adapting to a new role?

The move from agency recruitment to in-house was pretty seamless, anyone that knows me knows that I am very enthusiastic by nature and get a lot of my energy through social interaction and, with the fundamentals of both roles being talking and interacting with prospective candidates I knew I was up for the challenge.

Stepping up from a Talent Coordinator to Talent Executive involved me really honing in on my attention to detail, ability to think on my feet and use of my own initiative. Although this year has been a strange one, I think working from home and not having my colleagues across the room for me has meant that I’ve had to find the answer or come up with a logical solution from my bedroom office which has really helped me step-up.


What have you learned so far?

Over the past year I’ve learnt so much it’s hard to put it into words.

I’ve learnt that it’s really motivating working somewhere that you’re genuinely passionate about the mission and product itself, especially in an outward facing role like mine where I interact with prospective candidates everyday and want to get them excited about the opportunity of working with us.

I’ve learnt so much about interacting with senior stakeholders, working autonomously and how to think on your feet when things might not have gone your way. Outside of my day-to-day, a lot of what I’ve learnt has come from my time as part of our Culture Committee which has taught me the value of a good pun and that ‘comms is king’ in the words of our Office Coordinator Salma.

Not to mention the importance of saving and investing for your future (as have my housemates who now all have the app and collectively wish we’d known about it sooner!)


What’s your favourite part of your role?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one favourite but I come to work everyday with a smile on my face knowing that I get to work with a supportive and encouraging team around me. I love the variety of my day-to-day and that I’m given a lot of autonomy to structure my day as I see fit.

Another favourite part is that in terms of progression, I’m able to have an open dialogue with my line manager where we discuss my strengths and any improvements I need to make. As someone still relatively early in their career, it’s great that we discuss extra projects I can take on and my work in-depth. This has recently involved me up-skilling and taking on some of our Tech roles, something I would have never seen myself doing a year ago!