What does your day look like in the Support team? 

A normal day will generally involve answering a broad range of customer queries via our messaging platform, Intercom, as well as taking some inbound phone calls. However, we do often help out our other customer-facing teams too! This can involve processing withdrawals from Lifetime ISAs (LISAs), assisting with house purchases, or even helping our anti-money laundering (AML) team process the different security checks they run.

In general, I’ve found that alongside our daily support duties there are definitely opportunities to get involved with other projects and tasks, which keeps you on your toes!


How has your career progressed at Moneybox?

Throughout my time working in the Support Team, I’ve had multiple opportunities to collaborate with other departments and work on projects outside of my normal customer support duties. These have ranged from updating support articles on our website, to giving feedback to our design team on some new screens for the app! 

These projects have ultimately led to me developing a very keen interest in the world of content creation and copywriting, and within my first year I applied and successfully progressed into the role of Support Content and Communications Assistant.

This new role has given me the opportunity to gain an insight into the support communications we send to our customers, and has definitely given me the chance to show my creative side.


What’s your favourite part of your role?

From day one, I’ve found that the culture at Moneybox is absolutely exceptional. Even during the national lockdowns we had in the UK – when the entire company was working remotely – I still felt fully involved with the team and took part in some amazing virtual socials! It’s great to be part of a company where you truly feel valued, well cared for and are seen as a real asset to the team.

Now that we’re back in the office on a hybrid basis, the culture is even better than before, with regular team socials and activities, team lunches, and the drinks fridge in the office.


What exciting things are you working on?

Alongside some colleagues from the other customer facing departments, I’m currently working on a project to make the app more of a “self serve” where possible.  This will make our daily workload more manageable, plus it’ll provide a more efficient and intuitive service for our users!

The project has involved a lot of data collection, which has been a fantastic insight into what our users are most regularly contacting us about, and which queries crop up the most. The project has also given me an opportunity to use my creative skillset through redrafting in-app help articles, FAQs on the website, and conjuring up new training material for the rest of the Support Team.


Any advice for those looking to join the team?

One of the biggest things I quickly realised while settling into my role is just how quickly Moneybox is developing – so you really need to have an open mind and be willing to work with change. There are new features being released within the app all the time, alongside changes to existing products, internal processes, and our approach to work.

With that being said, the constant evolution is also incredibly exciting – so if you’re someone who enjoys a fast-paced working environment, you’ll definitely enjoy working here!