Tell us more about your Moneybox career journey

I joined Moneybox in December 2020 as the Content Writer for Home-buying and the first writer in the Marketing team. It was a really exciting time – just as we were preparing to launch our mortgage advice service!

My initial responsibilities were to create and manage a calendar of educational home-buying content to a) support the launch and b) help our customers to achieve this exciting milestone. The home-buying process is still shrouded in mystery and jargon, so a key aim was to ensure we had a solid set of content that broke that down for our customers in a really simple and engaging way.

Over time, my role expanded to include all our home-buying related communications (comms) – working with stakeholders to map out a full lifecycle of comms for our customers, then drafting these and iterating them over time, as we learn more about what our customers want from the service. So my transition into my current role as Content & Communications Manager was fairly seamless! My background is in communications – so it’s been great to be able to leverage that experience.


How have Moneybox supported your progression?

It’s been a combination of having the support of amazing managers and mentors across the business – and being given opportunities to work on stretch projects that have helped me to develop the right skills. Especially anything involving project management, multiple workstreams and deadlines.

Having access to a broad range of free learning resources has been really valuable too. The scope of content production at Moneybox varies – you need to be a bit of a chameleon and be able to switch between writing something very content-rich for the blog, something informational for customer comms, or something very punchy that converts on a tiny app screen. So having the opportunity to develop my UX writing and SEO skills has been critical. 


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve worked on?

We’re constantly working on something exciting, but at the top has to be our recent crowdfund where we raised over £6m from over 15,000 investors – making us the third most successful round in Europe ever.*

The adrenaline was like nothing I’ve experienced before! It was such a privilege to be so involved in the communications aspect. We had a really short timeframe in which we had to get a pitch video, investment page and communications campaign out into the world – and we did it!


What’s been your most important lesson learned?

You’re in the driving seat of your own career, so if you want to progress, don’t let yourself drift into the slow lane. Make sure you’re actively seeking feedback throughout the year, setting yourself stretch goals and measuring yourself honestly against those.

Also, remember that progression isn’t always linear and like a staircase. Sometimes, you progress just as much – if not more – by staying at a certain ‘level’ for longer and spending time honing your skills or subject matter expertise.


What’s your favourite thing about working at Moneybox?

It’s a bit of an inside joke here that everyone answers this question with ‘the people’ – with good reason! They’re great, but a close second is the free drinks fridge which opens everyday at 4.30pm. Especially when you’re on a tight deadline and need a Diet Coke or a beer to get through the last power hour!


Do you have any advice for someone looking to apply for a role at Moneybox?

Go for it and don’t look back! We’re at a hugely exciting point in our growth trajectory as a company – so you’re guaranteed to learn a lot, grow in confidence and have the opportunity to be involved in some incredible projects.


*Source: Crowdcube. Most popular by investor count in Europe to date.