Supporting our team through learning and development is an important part of the culture at Moneybox. Over the next few posts, we’ll be chatting to members of the team who have each moved to a new role within the company to find out more about their journeys. First up, meet Amber, a member of our Finance team.


What’s been your career progression at Moneybox?

I started in July 2019 in the Customer Support team as a Customer Delight Executive. Then in July 2020, I joined the Finance team and started my Accountancy Apprenticeship as a Trainee Accountant.


What interested you in your new role? Was it something you were interested in before working at Moneybox, or discovered later?

I graduated from university with a First in Maths, so numbers have always been my thing. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do when I first joined Moneybox but joining a Fintech company seemed like a step in the right direction. Having the opportunity to move into the Finance team allowed me to use my knowledge and skills from my degree and really kick-start my career in finance. 


What was the process of moving to a new team?

During a progress review with my managers I was asked if there were any teams I would be interested in learning a little more about. I asked if I could shadow the Finance team and was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with PK in Client Money. Following this, a great opportunity came up with two new roles opening up within the team. I completed an interview task for the positions of Client Money and Core Finance and ultimately chose to move forward with the Core Finance role where I was successful. 


How did you find moving to a new role within the same company?

Moving from Customer Support to Finance was a very easy transition – I knew most of the team already and they were all very supportive with my onboarding and training. I was expecting it to be quite difficult as we were all working from home, however the whole team was welcoming and I felt like I was able to ask any questions I had, either dropping one of the team a Slack message or asking for a video call to explain something.


What skills from your first role have you found useful in your new role?

Working in the Customer Support team for a year, I had a really solid understanding of how the app works, how a lot of the background processes run , and how the company works as a team. This really helped my onboarding into Finance as I already knew about all the products we have and how all the timings work – there was a lot less to learn about the company itself. I also find that working in Support helped my ability to multitask – having conversations with multiple customers at once about a range of different issues really helped me when it came to organising all the tasks which need to be done in Finance.


What advice would you give to someone looking to make a similar move?

Let your managers know what you are interested in! Shadowing another team can really help gain an understanding of what they do, whether that’s something you are looking to move into, or just to understand how your role fits in with the wider company. 


Keep an eye out for our next post, where we’ll be talking to one of our Talent Executives, Chloe.