Your very first job after completing your studies can be a scary but rewarding experience. Callum joined Moneybox after finishing uni and he has recently moved from our Customer Delight team to our Insight team. We asked our resident quiz master some questions about his lateral progression and journey so far.

What was your experience like joining Moneybox as a fresh graduate?

When you first enter the employment sector as a graduate it’s hard to envisage exactly what day-to-day life will be like. Going from student to full-time employee is a big change and often a daunting prospect; I didn’t have a clear picture of what my career path would look like. We’re really lucky to be in an era where there are lots of exciting companies emerging, making a really positive impact on the world. Moneybox certainly falls into this category; there’s a real emphasis on work-life balance, and personal and professional growth. I’ve been able to learn so much from the talented team around around me which I’m really grateful for.

What has surprised you the most about your experience so far?

The speed at which things happen. The tech industry (and especially FinTech) is a dynamic, rapidly evolving environment, so the ability to adapt and deliver high quality projects is essential. At Moneybox, ideas turn into fully fledged features quickly so we can continually provide the best experience for users. It’s really rewarding to see how new products or features can really improve the user experience and provide the tools to help people achieve their financial goals.

How did the Moneybox Quiz Master role come about?

After our Monthly Meetings (the whole team gets together to review the month’s achievements and discuss what’s in store for the future) we have a Quiz. I sort of fell into the role of Quiz Master- it’s strange having the questions thrown at me this time. Each quiz has a themeĀ and it’s always a competitive (but friendly) affair.

I now also run quizzes as part of various Moneybox community events including Moneybox Investing 101 workshops and the Pensions Party!

How was the transition from the Customer Delight team to the Insight team – were there any particular challenges?

At Moneybox, we strive to deliver the best experience for people to help them achieve their financial goals. I found speaking to customers directly really helps identify what is working well and what areas we can improve on. You get a really great understanding of user interaction and the user journey. Developing that holistic view was a great platform to transition to the Insight team. I would say the main challenge has been the technical side; I’ve never learnt to code before, so I’m currently in the process of learning SQL. The whole team have been super helpful and supportive so it’s been (and continues to be!) a great experience.


What advice would you have for someone considering an entry level position at Moneybox?

Go for it! It’s a really exciting time to join as we’re growing so quickly. You are given a lot of responsibility early on, meaning you can have a valued input and make a real impact on the company. It’s a really fun place to work but you can also achieve a great deal.