At Moneybox, we’re constantly interviewing to find new talent to join our rapidly growing team. Interviewing can be a challenging experience but doing it well can lead to landing that dream job. We caught up with our Talent Partner, Nefeli (who’s interviewed thousands of candidates) to share her top interview tips, helping you to perfect your skills! 


So you’ve made it to the interview stage – congratulations, this is a great achievement! Did you know – on average, to make one single hire, Moneybox receive over 200 applications!

Here are my preparation tips you can do to make the most of your interview:

1. Do EXTENSIVE research on the company: You should know how the company started, where they’re located (and how many locations), how they have grown over the years and of course, what they do (if you can, try to gain first-hand experience using their product/service) – this knowledge will not only show the interviewers that you are genuinely interested but should also reaffirm why you want to work there!

2. Know who will be interviewing you: A quick Google or LinkedIn search can tell you a lot. “Oh wow, you volunteered at XXX/I’m a volunteer as well!”. Highlighting common experiences/interests may help you build rapport with the interviewer.

3. Familiarise yourself with the company’s values: In today’s startup world, it is very important that the teams work in a friendly and collaborative environment, and while people can be vastly different, our shared values are what encourages teams to work well together. Understanding the company values will help you decide if the company is the right fit for you as well!

4. Study the job description: Get a good understanding of what the job involves. Make sure you re-read the job description and re-familiarise yourself. It’s also very useful to do this in order to match up your existing skills/experience with the requirements of the vacancy. Giving you the best chance to sell your skillset in the interview.


5. Know your CV and skillset back to front: You are going to be asked questions about your experience and skills listed in your CV, it’s unavoidable. So, make sure you remind yourself about the experiences you’ve had, especially, what you’ve done that’s relevant to the vacancy. Also, it’s key to identify your strengths – this will further boost your confidence and help show off those character traits that the company might be looking for.

6. Prepare good questions: This is your chance to interview the interviewer. Take some time to think outside of the box here and ask questions that haven’t been covered during the interview, on their website or on the job description. How is the team structured, what does an average day look like, why does the interviewer enjoy working there or what are the learning and progression opportunities? Take some time to really think about the things that matter long term…(and avoid questions about money and time off).

7. Prepare to answer the most important question: Which is “What value will you add to the team?”. This is what most interviewers are looking to find out, and having a well prepared answer will also make you more confident in your response – and confidence is key!

8. Fuel is important: You want your brain to be firing on all cylinders – a good breakfast/lunch/snack ahead of an interview will help you perform your best (don’t eat right before the interview though!). A growling stomach may also be distracting for your interviewer too.

9. Arrive early: Aim to be at the location 45 minutes to an hour ahead of the interview, this will help make sure you don’t run into delayed trains or a maze like office building – if you’re super early, it’s ok, go find a cafe and collect your thoughts.
Only inform the reception that you have arrived 10-15 minutes prior to your interview time. 

10. And finally: Please please please turn off your phone before the interview – or at least set it to silent. Having a phone ring in the middle of an interview will seem like you are not taking the interview seriously. Make sure your phone has the right setting on before you walk into that interview.


Right now many companies are conducting video interviews so here’s few more things to consider before that virtual interview:

  • Check your internet connection: there’s nothing worse than a video call with a bad connection.
  • A quiet and presentable space: dogs or cats running around behind you or that questionable poster on your wall from your teenage years could distract the interviewer when their full attention should be on you.
  • Look your best: dress just as you would for a face to face interview and test your camera angle to make sure that you are happy with the image you are presenting.
  • Test your device: test the camera and microphone on your device and make sure it’s working properly. If there’s any specific software you need for the call, download it ahead of time.

Following the advice above and taking your interview prep seriously will not only increase your chances of having a great interview but should also give you the confidence you need to give it your best shot.

In the next instalment, Nefeli will share her tips on how to smash the actual interview!

Happy interviewing!