Bio in brief: My name is Dominic. I come from London and work in Marketing.

Describe you and money: In three words: Enjoy, stress, leaky. I often spend too much and try to save but it doesn’t always work.

Investing goal: Not too sure, but something that’ll make my life better in the future.

Saving tips: I always put in money every week into Moneybox, it makes me feel like I’m always building towards something better! It’s motivating to keep putting cash away towards something that is growing.

How does Moneybox help? Moneybox has made it so easy to invest when I wouldn’t have had the time otherwise. 7% up baby!

Moneybox feature I ❤️ : I love making the fox go from one side of the screen to the other.

This much I know: Don’t just leave your cash sitting in Savings Accounts. They’re useless and are a fundamentally wrong investment decision! Savings Accounts are the devil when you’re young. You might as well withdraw the cash and put it under your bed.