Autumn’s calling, leaves are falling and it’s the perfect time to be squirrelling away those savings!

Heard the news? We’ve launched our first traditional cash savings product. You can now save for your shorter term goals and get a competitive interest rate with our new notice savings account… Summer 2020 holiday anyone? 🌴

In the next few months, we’re looking to introduce a range of new savings products so this is just the beginning! It’s all part of our mission to help you save and invest for your future. 🚀  


Updates 📝

Moneybox milestone 

We recently celebrated the milestone of 250,000 Moneybox users. 🎉 Welcome to the thousands of new customers we’ve had join the Moneybox community over the Summer. We’re excited to help you save and invest for your future!


Dark mode is coming 

With the launch of iOS 13 and Android 10, our app teams have been turning down the lights and working on dark mode versions of the Moneybox app (coming very soon!). 🦇 If you haven’t heard about the update, it’s simply a toggle on your phone’s operating system that lets you change your display colour to black. If you’re on iOS 13, you can even set your display to ‘turn dark’ at sunset and revert back to light at sunrise!

Stay tuned for our new dark mode release on both apps. 🌃 Here’s a sneak peek…


We were named as one of the LinkedIn Top UK Startups 2019

LinkedIn revealed their annual list in September and we were very excited to be ranked in the top 25 hottest UK companies to work for now! 🔥 It’s an amazing team achievement that we naturally celebrated with cake

Interested in becoming a Moneybox team member? Check out our open positions.


In the news 🗞

  • “Being able to open savings accounts easily via an app will be attractive to those who would prefer not to shop around and complete an application form each time they open a savings account.” Read what Your Money had to say about our new savings account.  
  • British GQ names Moneybox has one of the best money-saving apps! 🙌


Behind the scenes 🎬  

If you did take our advice above and looked at our current job openings, you may be wondering what life would really be like (beyond the cake) working at Moneybox. Let us introduce AJ, our Junior Finance Manager! Go behind the scenes and learn all about his first year at Moneybox.