You may have noticed that the stock markets were a little bit bumpy in October. As you know, investing can be a powerful way to grow your money in the longer-term, but in the short term we should expect to see ups and downs. Here are some new articles to help you make sense of it all.

  • While investing can be complex, the most important habits are simple to follow and will make it easy to achieve your longer-term financial goals. Read seven habits of successful investors.
  • It can feel like we’re living through a time of great upheaval. Here are some reasons to be cheerful.
  • Understand the biases and flaws that can trip you up as an investor, and develop strategies to help you override them. Read more in we are all irrational.


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Community ❤️

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News and events

  • “A whole generation was growing up without the tools and information they need to build their financial future.” Charlie Mortimer, our co-founder, talks about our story so far and the power of round ups with the Financial Times.
  • We were featured as one of the 10 top mobile apps for spending, saving and investing on the go by Moneywise!
  • And…how apps are helping women in the UK invest smarter (featuring Moneybox😍). So far we’ve helped 30,000 young women in the UK start investing and we want to help many more! 💪


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What we learnt this month 💡

  • There is no time like right now – to invest, to find a new job, to start exercising. Today is the best day, says Seth Godin (and Moneybox).
  • What are you afraid of? Fear-setting has produced some of Tim Ferriss’ biggest business and personal successes. Why don’t you try it?