Did you know that over 75% of 18-35 year old’s say they don’t have the information the need to plan for their financial future, and 90% wish they’d been given financial education at school? That’s why this month we launched Moneybox Academy, to help everyone learn what they need to know about investing.

You can find the series in app or here. We hope you can also join us at one of our Moneybox Academy events in the new year.

In the news 📰

We’re tired of how difficult it is to keep track of our pensions – with every new job comes a new pension. Investing for the future really shouldn’t be this hard! Here, our co-founder Ben Stanway speaks to the FT Adviser about pensions and how Moneybox is going to make consolidating your old pensions much simpler. 

Community ❤️

  • We launched our first Moneybox Academy: Investing 101 event last month. Here are some photos from the event. We’ve also written a series based on the event, sharing some key ideas. Read what is the stock market and why invest and is the stock market is risky to find out more.
  • We’re celebrating over 10,000 people that have opened Lifetime ISAs with Moneybox! 🎉 We look forward to helping many more people get a head start towards their first home 🏡


  • Good news – as we’ve grown as a business, we’re now able to negotiate even lower fund management fees with our suppliers. And as we do this, all of the benefit goes straight to you 💸. To start, you’ll notice some changes to the management fees for the Global Properties Fund.
  • You spoke, and we listened – you wanted more investment options and they’re coming. Keep an eye out for our new socially responsible fund and new bond funds in the next few weeks.

Moneybox +

We’re excited to welcome these new partner brands this month. Shop with them and many others and you’ll receive rewards directly into your Moneybox account:

  • Cocoa Runners have run around the world searching for the world’s best artisan chocolate bars. They’ll deposit £5 into your Moneybox account and you’ll get £10 off your purchase.
  • Naked Wines will give you exclusive access to delicious wines from independent winemakers at wholesale prices. You’ll receive £75 off a case of wine and you’ll get a £10 reward directly into your Moneybox account.
  • Pact Coffee ethically source better-tasting coffee and make it easy to get great-tasting, freshly roasted coffee, so you never run out of the beans you love. Moneybox+ customers get 25% off the first order, plus when you start a subscription Pact will deposit £5 into your Moneybox account.

T&C’s apply for all offers, see the Moneybox app for details.

What we learnt

  • Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems. Check out this talk about the power of believing that you can improve