Spring has sprung! 🌱 This month, we’ve been busy rolling out pensions to our beta community! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

In a recent survey, we found that 87% of people would like to consolidate all their old pension pots into one place. Yet pension companies seem to make the whole process difficult and confusing.

In our first few weeks, we’ve helped our beta testers bring together over £600,000 from their old pension pots, meaning they can see how much money they’ve got anytime, anywhere. We’ll soon open up a pensions waiting list to all Moneybox customers, so keep an eye out in the app if you’d like early access.

A quote from one happy beta customer: “The service so far is superb. Transfers are quick and when any guidance has been required it has been provided. An easily recommendable service.” 😍

Updates 📝

In the news 📰

  • “The Moneybox app has been a game changer. It deploys Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize-winning ‘nudge theory’ to round up the digital spare change from investors’ purchases.” Read more in this Financial Times article.  
  • “With the average person now having 11 jobs over the course of their career, it becomes difficult to keep track of all your old pension pots.” Our co-founder Ben comments on changes to auto-enrolment and putting power back into the hands of the consumer.
  • “This is perhaps the most enjoyable investment app I have ever seen. It has cut back on the waffle and jargon and it’s amazing how loose change can add up.” Check out Holly Mackay’s article about the best ISA options.


We’re excited to announce our partner brands of the month. Shop with them and many others and you’ll receive rewards directly into your Moneybox account. T&C’s apply, see in app for more details:

  • Tribe Discover the force of nature. When you purchase your first pack, TRIBE will deposit a £3 reward into your Moneybox account. On top of this, you’ll pay £3 for your first pack and get 50% off your second.
  • Wrisk Insure your stuff in minutes. Purchase your first policy and they’ll deposit £10 into your Moneybox account after your second month. They’ll also give you £5 off your first month.

Community ❤️

We want everyone to have the information they need to confidently build their financial future. As part of that initiative we hosted company events throughout the month.

Teaming up with London Business School for their NewCo event, we opened our doors and invited people to hear from our founders, share insights from the inside and discuss all things Moneybox! We also held an ‘Investing 101 for women’ event at WeWork where our Head of Marketing, Charlotte Oates and Head of Insight, Frances Salter spoke about why you should consider investing, how to think about risk and where to get started.

Keen to be involved? Stay tuned to our social channels to hear about more events like these!

What we learnt this month 💡


Investing should be regarded as longer term, and you may get back less than you invest.