Back in April we asked you to show your support for Moneybox by voting for us in the 2019 Consumer Investment Awards. We are proud to say we were the winners of not one, but two categories!

You voted Moneybox – Best Money App 🏆& Best App for Beginners 🏆


Being acknowledged by your fellow industry peers is always encouraging, but to be supported and recognised by your community feels even more special. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and to everyone who has been part of the journey so far – we couldn’t do it without you! 🙏

Updates 📝

– Our Socially Responsible (SR) fund has given many of you the opportunity to invest in a way that’s more aligned with your values, through supporting global companies with better ESG practices. 🌍 Whether you’re new to SR investing or just keen to find out what ‘ESG’ stands for, watch Callum from the Moneybox team take a deep dive into the fund. 🎥  

– Since we opened our waiting list for Moneybox Pensions and started the roll-out, we’ve seen first-hand how traditional pension providers can make things difficult and confusing for their customers. From poor communication, to snail mail documents, it’s not surprising to hear 👉 comments like these  👈. We are determined to roll out the Moneybox Pension as quickly as possible so you can have a pension designed for the way you live today. Check out our new Pension webpage to find out more.

In the news 📰

Come on, Vogue! Powerhouse financier Helena Morrissey includes Moneybox in her best resources for taking control of your finances, via British Vogue.

🎵 Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it… hit that link, there’s nothing to it 🎵

Community ❤️

The Moneybox Values

Every company is unique and has their own core beliefs that underpin the culture of the business. We’re proud to announce we have launched our very own values, which guide our people’s behaviour and the way business is conducted here at Moneybox HQ.