With the sunny season in full swing, August saw Team Moneybox host the very first company Summer Party! 😎 We celebrated the year’s milestones including 200,000 Moneybox customers, helping our community purchase over £30 million in property with our Lifetime ISA and all the exciting product launches rolled out so far in 2019. We also handed out some well-deserved employee awards, recognising everything from ‘hardest working team’ to ‘office super snacker’ and from the photos below, you may be able to tell who won the latter. 🥜🍪🍇

Updates 📝

Open Banking is on the way

You may have heard about ‘Open Banking’ and how it’s going to change the financial services industry. The purpose of Open Banking is to transfer ownership of account information from banks back to the customer. The regulation behind it (called PSD2) aims to give you control of your financial information and allow you to securely share it with other banks and third parties, such as Moneybox.

Our teams have been busy building the new Open Banking processes, which will allow us to have a secure and direct connection with all banks. For more information, see our Open Banking blog post.


Updating the Moneybox Story  

When Moneybox first launched, our priority was to make investing accessible to everyone. Over the last few years we have added new products and features to help our community in new and different ways, whether you’re saving for your first home with our Lifetime ISA or planning for your retirement with our pension. To reflect our ambitions for the future, we’ve decided to spend some time thinking about our brand identity. This is a project we’ve been working on for a few months, and we can’t wait for the big reveal later this year!

In the news 🗞


Behind the scenes 🎬  

From weekly sporting activities 👟  to bake-off champion 🍰, discover the culture at Moneybox HQ and find out why it’s a vital component to the growth of the company.