We started Moneybox because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest for their future. Over the past 3 years, we have created a way for over 180,000 people to invest towards the things that matter most to them…and this is just the beginning.

We’re very proud to announce that Moneybox has been shortlisted for the 2019 Consumer Investment Awards 🎊

If you think Moneybox deserves your vote, then we’d love your support in our three nominated categories:

🏆 Best Customer Service

🏆 Best for Beginners

🏆 Best Money App

The winner for each category is determined by the highest number of votes, so feel free to share the link with your family and friends who use Moneybox. Awards like this are a great way to spread the word about Moneybox and encourage even more people to start investing for their future!

Please note voting closes on Monday 13th May 2019.

Updates 📝

– Our pensions waiting list is now open to all Moneybox customers! If you are yet to join, simply update your app, click on the Investments tab and you’ll see our blue pensions tree under ‘Coming soon’.

For too long, keeping track of your old pension pots has been difficult and confusing. Even the basics like seeing how much money you have and where it’s invested are really hard.

We’re excited to say we are well into our mission to change this and the response received so far from the Moneybox pensions beta community has been fantastic. We can’t wait to help you bring together all of your old pension pots in one place.

Keen to learn more? Check out our Moneybox Pension FAQs.  

– From keeping up with new device functionality to monthly-changing coding languages, we quizzed our mobile developers, Valerio and Jaeren, to share their experience in this fast-growing field.

In the news 📰

  • “It’s time to demand pensions which are designed for the way we live today.” Check out Moneybox co-founder Ben Stanway’s thoughts in City AM on why the pensions industry needs a shake-up.
  • “Pensions providers are failing younger generations. For too long, the pensions industry has been difficult and confusing.” Ben also comments on some of the unintended consequences of auto-enrolment in the Independent.

Community ❤️

– There ain’t no party like a #PensionsParty! We threw a party to celebrate our pensions beta community. 🎉 Check out all the pics on our Facebook. The night’s highlight…the infamous Moneybox quiz! Here’s a question from the night to see how your investment knowledge fares. (Answer revealed at the end of the round up!)

What is the oldest Stock Exchange in the world?

  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • London Stock Exchange

– The Moneybox team took an afternoon out of the office to reflect on a huge year, set new goals for 2019 and plan some big things for the future. 🚀 There was costumes, games and laughs all round. Check out our Twitter for a live-action shot!

Customer quote of the month 💭

We flippin love you too, Neil 🙌


Quiz Answer: Amsterdam Stock Exchange – established in 1602


All investing should be regarded as longer term (3-5 years). The value of your investments can go up and down, and you may get back less than you invest.