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The Investment Platform team build and run the cloud-hosted systems that look after all the financial assets retained by Moneybox. The platform manages over £2B worth of assets and processes over 10 million financial transactions a month. Due to the scale we operate at, we treat performance and scalability as a feature of the system and it is at the forefront of everything we do.

The team follows an agile, continuous delivery model where the development teams are fully responsible for delivering the end-to-end service, and deploying changes several times a day. Due to the financial nature of the system and the rapid release cadence, there is a strong emphasis on quality, test automation and early feedback systems.

We make exclusive use of PaaS, ensuring that the team can focus on delivering business value rather than having to worry about infrastructure maintenance. We also use Terraform to ensure that our infrastructure is consistent and repeatable across all of our environments.

Tools used

.NET Core, SQL Server, Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Service Bus, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Terraform, Hangfire, MediatR, xUnit

Investment Platform Engineering works closely with

Customer Support & Customer Operations, Finance, Product, QA

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