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Invest the socially responsible way with ESG funds. Support companies with better environmental, social and governance practices from global and emerging markets.

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What is ESG investing?

ESG investing, also known as socially responsible investing or SR investing, lets you get exposure to companies that have been scored based on their commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Here are some examples of the different ESG factors:

  • Environmental: does the company care about climate change and is it taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint? How much waste and pollution does it produce? Is it using water and energy efficiently?
  • Social: what are employee working conditions like? Are there equal opportunities for all employees? Does the company promote human rights and engage in philanthrophy?
  • Governance: how is the company run? Do they pay their employees fairly? Is the company's board diverse, and how is it structured?
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Socially Responsible investing with Moneybox

Ready to invest for your future in a way that’s more aligned with your values? With Moneybox, you can choose from one of our socially responsible Starting Options or build your own ESG portfolio from our range of funds.

Here’s how our Balanced SR Starting Option performed over a 10-year period.

Investing with Moneybox

Starting Options

Start investing in minutes by choosing one of our Socially Responsible Starting Options. Each option includes an ESG global shares fund, and is tailored towards a different level of risk and potential return.

Customise Allocations

Build your own investment portfolio by customising your allocations to access even more funds. When you choose to customise allocations, you’re in control of your portfolio and can invest in line with your values and objectives more effectively.

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Our ESG funds

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ETF

Back the emerging artificial intelligence industry.

Fund fee 0.46% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Global Carbon Transition ETF

Invest in companies which stand to benefit from a future shift to a low-carbon economy.

Fund fee 0.20% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Global Shares ESG

Invest in global companies that score highly on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Fund fee 0.20% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Emerging Markets Shares ESG

Invest in companies from Emerging Markets, like Asia and Latin America, that score highly on ESG factors.

Fund fee 0.33% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Invest across a diverse range of leading US companies that score highly on ESG factors.

Fund fee 0.15% i
Incl. transaction costs
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European Shares SRI ETF

Back leading European companies with a focus on ESG values, including Roche and Adidas.

Fund fee 0.12% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Global Clean Energy ETF

Back the companies that are leading the charge in the future transition to clean energy.

Fund fee 0.88% i
Incl. transaction costs
Find out more

Clean Water ETF

Get exposure to companies that are providing new clean water technologies and network maintenance.

Fund fee 0.54% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Cyber Security ETF

Spread your money across companies like Cisco and Darktrace that are innovating in the cyber security sector.

Fund fee 0.74% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Automation & Robotics ETF

Track developed and emerging market companies that are creating technology in automation and robotics.

Fund fee 0.42% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Digitalisation ETF

Track the performance of developed and emerging market companies like Docusign that focus on digital services.

Fund fee 0.41% i
Incl. transaction costs
Find out more

Global Ageing Population ETF

Get exposure to companies that provide care and other needs to the world’s ageing population.

Fund fee 0.42% i
Incl. transaction costs
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Investing fees

ESG investing is available on a range of accounts including our Stocks & Shares ISA, General Investment Account, Stocks & Shares LISA and Personal Pension. We believe in being fair and transparent, so we've set out the fees you'll pay for our all of these accounts in the table below. These fees cover all trading and transaction costs.

  • Monthly subscription fee i
    This is waived for the Moneybox Pension. This covers all investment accounts. E.g. If you have a Stocks & Shares ISA and a General Investment Account, you will pay £1 in total each month.
    £ 1

    Free for the first 3 months

  • Moneybox platform fee0.45%

    Charged monthly

    • Pension - Balances up to £100,000 0.45%

    • Pension - Balances over £100,000 0.15%

  • Annual fund provider costs

    There are additional fees charged directly by the fund provider. Please check the key investor information document (KIID) for a particular fund for more information.

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