Introducing Moneybox Stories. A new series where we talk to our community about how you’re turning your money into something greater with Moneybox. Meet Nita…


“I feel in control and I’m excited to start planning for retirement.”


Thanks to a varied and exciting career, Sustainability Strategist and Entrepreneur Nita has accumulated lots of workplace pension pots over the years. She wanted to bring them all into one pot but with almost 20 years worth under her belt, consolidating her pensions felt overwhelming.

With the help of the Moneybox app and our handy Pension Provider Search tool, Nita was able to turn a dreaded task into a quick and simple one. Now Nita’s taken control of her finances, she can start building a retirement worth waiting for. 🏝️



Want to learn more about the Moneybox Personal Pension?

Just like Nita, sorting your pension might seem like too daunting a task to start but it’s more straightforward than you might think. Plus, the sooner you start, the more time you’re giving yourself to build a healthy pot for retirement – future you will thank you for it! 😌

With the Moneybox Personal Pension, you can:

  • Track down and combine your old workplace pensions into one Moneybox Personal Pension with the help of our trusty Pension Detectives 🔍
  • If you are a basic tax payer, you can get a free 25% bonus on what you save into your personal pension from the government. So for every £4 you save, the government will contribute £1 (Pension & Tax rules apply) 💰
  • Save as much or as little as you like, whenever and as often as you like with weekly deposits, monthly payday-boosts, one-off deposits or round-ups 👛
  • Track the performance of your investment 24/7 in the app 📈


Explore the Moneybox Personal Pension


🎓 If you’re still unclear when it comes to pensions and retirement, head to the Pensions Academy – our comprehensive guide to all things pensions from what a pension even is, to why consolidating your pensions could be right for you.


When deciding whether to transfer your pension, it’s important to compare the charges and benefits between Moneybox and your old provider, and whether the risk and reward profile of the investments we offer matches your needs. As with all investing, the value of your pension can go up and down, and you may get back less than you invest. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change. We do not currently offer drawdown products (for the Moneybox Pension). If you’re not sure whether the Moneybox Pension is right for you, a suitably qualified financial adviser can help you decide. Moneybox Personal Pension T&Cs Apply.