Introducing our new investing features

As part of upcoming improvements to our investment offering, we’re excited to share some new investing features. These features will allow you to add cash to your Stocks & Shares ISA and use it to buy and sell funds when you’re ready. This means you can invest on your own schedule and manage your investments in a way that suits you.

You won’t pay fees on money held as cash in your ISA and it will earn a variable interest rate of 0.1% AER.

Here’s a little more information about how these new features work.

Save now, invest later 💰📈

You can now choose for your weekly collections to be added to your Stocks & Shares ISA as cash. This might suit you if you’d like to save regularly, with the flexibility to choose when you invest.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Allocations and tap ‘Change allocation’. Select ‘Save now, invest later’ on the Starting options screen to begin depositing into cash.

It’s not currently possible to add money as cash outside of our weekly collection cycle. However, we’re currently exploring faster ways to add money, so watch this space!


Buying funds with cash 🔄

Cash held in your Stocks & Shares ISA can be used to buy individual funds outside of our weekly investment cycle. As with all investing, your capital is at risk when buying funds. 

You can explore our range of funds by heading to your ISA, tapping the three dots and selecting ‘Fund Range’. Tap the ‘Buy’ button on the Fund overview to submit a buy request. Whilst some funds are quicker than others, it typically takes 2-4 working days for a buy to be processed.

In the near future, we’ll also be expanding our range of funds to offer more choice based on requests from our community. We’ll be sure to let you know when these arrive!

Selling funds to cash 💰

If you no longer want to invest in a particular fund, you can sell down some or all of your investment to cash by heading to Accounts > Stocks & Shares ISA and tapping ‘Sell’ on the Fund overview screen. Alternatively, you can sell a portion of each fund in your portfolio by making a withdrawal and selecting ‘cash’ as the destination rather than your bank account. This might be useful if you want to take money out of the market, but keep it within your tax-free Stocks & Shares ISA. 

It takes 4-5 working days to sell down investments, after which the money will be available as cash in your account. 


When will these features be available for my other investing accounts?

Initially you will only be able to hold cash in your Stocks & Shares ISA account. However we have plans to extend this to our other investing accounts (General Investment Account, Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA and Personal Pension) later this year. 

Tell us what you think 📣

We’d love to hear what you think about these new features! If you have any feedback or questions, please get in touch with our Support team via the in-app chat.