Over the last few years, we’ve helped the Moneybox community invest for the future through a range of simple, long term investment accounts. Many users have asked for the option to save into traditional cash accounts to help with their shorter term goals – hello holidays. 🌴


We’re excited to introduce our new Savings Account – the 95 Day Notice Account offering 1.65% AER, powered by Investec. 🎉 The account can be opened with as little as £1 and has no account fees.


Research on the UK savings market shows that around 77% of money held in easy access savings accounts is earning less than 1% interest*. 😳 These savers could be missing out on billions of pounds by not switching to higher interest accounts such as notice accounts.  

We want to provide a simple option for savings that will help achieve short term goals like a new car, home renovation or wedding day, all while offering a competitive rate.

The main difference between a notice savings account and an easy access account is the process of withdrawals. For the Moneybox 95 Day Notice Account, savings are held for 95 days once a withdrawal is requested. 


How could I use this account to save? 

As you’ll need to give us 95 days’ notice when you make a withdrawal, this won’t be the account to rely on for unexpected costs, like your boiler breaking. 🥶 Instead, you could think of it as your #goals account. Check out some of the things Team Moneybox will be saving towards with the 95 Day Notice Account…


Jess, Product Manager

“My brother has just moved to the US and I’m planning to fly out and visit him in Spring next year. It’s going to be a pricey trip when I’m there so keen to start saving now. The 95 day notice account will definitely be great for this as I’ll stay disciplined with my savings (because my money isn’t easily accessible) and earn a good amount in interest. I’ve got a reminder set up to request a withdrawal at the end of January, which means I only gain access to my savings a few days before I fly. Handy for those last minute holiday purchases and less risk of splurging my spending money in the January sales.”


Jack, People Manager

“Our kitchen and bathroom are in desperate need of a refurb. Over the past year we’ve been saving and have planned out the design for our dream kitchen and bathroom down to the last tile. As we’re not using the money immediately, we want to make the most of our savings and earn more interest than the miserable rates offered by the banks. The 95 day account is the perfect way for us to do this!”


Laura, Customer Delight

“I’ve decided to buy a car! I live outside of London where public transport isn’t as close by or frequent as it is in the city, so want the freedom that comes with not depending on the train timetables. I also love travelling up North to Liverpool to see my best friend and down south to Brighton for the parties! With my savings plan it looks like I’ll be on track to buy a car just before Spring next year but I always find myself dipping into the pot because it’s just sitting in an easy access account. Definitely keen to use the Moneybox 95 day notice account to lock away my savings and earn some decent interest. Now the question is, Mazda or Mini?”


See the 95 Day Notice Account FAQs for more details.


*Source: fca.org.uk