As markets begin to stabilise, here’s what the new normal might mean for your home-buying or remortgaging plans.
6 November 2023
It’s our first home-buying market update without a base rate increase to report. Find out what’s been shaking up the markets over the last month, from our Head of Mortgages, Felicity Holloway.
5 October 2023
Take a quick look at how the market affected home-buyers and homeowners in August.
6 September 2023
Read our July update on the housing and mortgage market, as told by Head of Mortgages Felicity Holloway.
3 August 2023
Our Head of Mortgages summarises what you need to know about the housing market this month.
4 July 2023
Our Head of Mortgages is back to break down what’s happening in the housing market, including the launch of the new 100% mortgage product.
31 May 2023
We’re getting to the heart of the housing market, so you don’t have to.
4 May 2023
Our Head of Mortgages, Felicity Holloway, breaks down what’s been happening with house prices and mortgage rates.
6 April 2023

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