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Why have I been asked for ID while registering?

As a financial services organisation, we’re required to verify your identity and run anti-money laundering checks on all our customers. In the first instance this is done by matching your registration details with available databases, such as credit agencies (though it’s not a credit check) or voting registers.  

If the Moneybox app is asking you to upload a piece of ID, we’ve been unable to make the requisite number of matches, so the next step is to check one of your identification documents to confirm that your name and date of birth, or your name and address match.

How do I submit my ID?

All you need to do is take a photo of your passport, driving licence or national ID card from within the app and send it through. When taking this photo, please ensure that all four corners of the document are clearly visible, and there’s no glare. 

We can also accept residence permits as ID, just ensure to send us a photo of the front and back so we can check all the information needed.

What happens once I’ve submitted my ID?

In most cases we’re then able to verify your details quickly so you can proceed with registration straight away! If there are any issues with the ID provided, a member of the team will be in touch with the next steps within the next few working days to help you get set up.

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