Provider Search - How it works

What is Provider Search?

Provider Search is a tool we offer which can help track down your old workplace pension pots. Once you’ve finished registering for an account in the Moneybox app, you can find provider search in Discover > Tools > Pension provider search.

You’ll just need to let us know a few details about where you used to work, then our team of pension detectives will try to track down your pension provider and let you know what they’ve found.

We use a variety of search tools, but the most common ones are:

  • The government’s pension tracing service
  • Our own employer database

Please be aware that pension information stored on the government database may not reflect your employer’s current pension arrangements. Therefore, we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of your search results where we’ve relied on this service to locate your provider details. Our tool also doesn’t guarantee you’ll have an old workplace pension with a particular provider.

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