Fees And Security

What data do you access and how do you keep it safe?

If you choose to use round ups, you’ll need to use your online banking log in details to establish a secure connection with your financial institution on a read-only basis. Whether it’s a bank, building society or credit card provider, these details allow you to view your transaction history and round ups via the app.

Moneybox does not directly access or store your online banking login details. Only a limited number of Moneybox staff will have access to your other customer details, in order for us to provide you with our products and service. This access is managed under a strict privacy policy and is for authorised staff members only.

Moneybox is a registered Third Party Provider (TPP) of Open Banking technology. Open Banking allows Moneybox to sync your accounts and transactions using a secure Application Programming Interface (API). An API is software that enables the exchange of information between programs and authorises a specific operation.

For all your round up connections, you will be taken to your own bank’s authorisation screen in order to confirm and authenticate your connection to Moneybox. Your bank login credentials will never be sent to Moneybox. Your transaction and account data is immediately encrypted and stored using multi-layered hardware and software encryption.

Further information relating to round up services can be found in section 1, heading 11.1 of the Moneybox Terms & Conditions.

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