Until the end of August 2022, we’re offering you £100 guaranteed cashback when you buy a home through Moneybox Mortgages! 🙌 Submit a mortgage application by the end of August, and if it goes on to complete, you’ll get £100 cashback in your pocket as a housewarming gift. T&Cs apply – you can read them below.

To get started, simply head in-app to Accounts > Mortgages.


Not only will you get £100 cashback, you’ll also benefit from free, impartial mortgage advice and help with every step of the home-buying process, from your dedicated Home-buying Support Team. They’ll take care of the hard work and find the best mortgage for you across thousands of deals. So, all you need to do is sit back and start planning what you’ll do with that £100.




Am I eligible for the offer?

To be eligible for the offer and receive the £100 cashback, you need to be a Moneybox customer and submit a mortgage application for a home purchase between 6th June and 31st August 2022, that goes on to complete at a later date. Full T&Cs apply – please see these below.


How and when is the cashback paid out?

Cashback will be paid into the linked bank account used for contributions to your Moneybox account, within 30 days of your mortgage completing.


Will I still get the cashback if my mortgage completes after the end of August?

Yes – don’t worry! We know that the process can take time, for reasons outside of your control. As long as your mortgage successfully completes and your application was submitted within the offer window (6th June – 31st August), you’ll get the cashback.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Moneybox Mortgages is provided by Moneybox Mortgages Ltd.


Terms and Conditions



  1. The Moneybox Mortgage Offer (the “Offer”) is available to all existing Digital Moneybox Limited (“Moneybox”) customers submitting a mortgage application during the defined Offer Window (each, an “Eligible Customer”).
    1. a. Where there are two or more applicants, only Moneybox customers are entitled to the Reward.
  2. The Offer is available from 00:00 BST on 6 June 2022 to 23:59 BST on 31 August 2022 (the “Offer Window”) or any other such period as Moneybox may determine from time-to-time.
  3. To be eligible to receive the Reward (as defined below), an Eligible Customer must satisfy all the following requirements (together, the “Offer Requirements”):
    1. be a Moneybox customer;
    2. submit a Qualifying Mortgage Application during the Offer Window;
    3. the Qualifying Mortgage Application in 3.b must subsequently complete;
    4. complete the mortgage process through a solicitor or conveyancer; and
    5. not be an employee, officer or director of Moneybox or any member of its group, or any member of such person’s immediate family or household.
  4. A “Qualifying Mortgage Application” means an application with Moneybox Mortgages Ltd to either: (i) obtain a new residential mortgage; or (ii) obtain a new buy-to-let mortgage, in each case that is submitted by an employee of Moneybox Mortgages Ltd.

The Reward

5. The reward is £100 cashback (the “Reward”), which will be paid to the Eligible Customer’s linked bank account that is used for contributions into their Moneybox account (“Linked Account”). The Reward will be paid within 30 days of the date on which Moneybox is notified that the Qualifying Mortgage Application has completed . Payments of the Reward will normally be made on the first and/or third Wednesday of every month.

6. Where more than one Eligible Customer applies jointly for the same Qualifying Mortgage Application, the Reward will be split equally between such Eligible Customers, and paid to each of their respective Linked Accounts.


7. These terms (the “Offer Terms”) supplement the Section 13 (Promotions) of the Moneybox Terms and Conditions and Moneybox Mortgage Ltd’s Terms and Conditions.  To the extent there is a discrepancy, the Moneybox Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

8. By participating in the Offer, you are deemed to have accepted these Offer Terms.