We wanted to showcase some of the people who make Moneybox what it is and work hard to help us achieve our ambition of helping a generation invest in their future.

This month, we’ve put one of our newbies in the spotlight. Meet Hanna. She is a super energetic business analyst from Finland, who’s spent most of her career in New York before settling in London. Three months into her role, she’s already making a huge impact!

1. What does your job involve? 

In general, my job is to have a holistic understanding of any project I am working on, such as pension transfers, write it all up, and then ensure that every project member understands the scope and is ‘on the same page’. But because we are a small start-up, I get to participate in a host of other, mainly Ops initiatives. So, my days are full of listening, talking, and writing, in order to understand, explain, and document what we’re trying to achieve.

2. Describe your first three months at Moneybox

Both the recruitment and on-boarding were the best planned and executed processes I have experienced. I was immediately included in substantial work, which meant that I very quickly felt part of the company and that my contribution was appreciated. Also, because there is a culture of openness and transparency here at Moneybox, it was easy to quickly get a proper understanding how the company works and how the different teams fit together.

3. What do you like most about working at Moneybox?

The feature of Moneybox that appealed to me the most is definitely the mission – to ‘help a generation invest in their future’ and in doing so to ‘do something good’ for the ‘regular’ people. It’s really inspiring to know that everything I do, everything I work on, in some little way makes a difference in the community.

4. How would you describe the people you work with? 

It seems that the values and ethos of the leaders/co-founders directly influence the culture of the company, and that, in turn, attracts a certain type of person – nice, kind, friendly, and hard-working. There is a real sense of collaboration and working towards a common goal.

5. Do you have any advice for people thinking about applying for a job at Moneybox?

I think it would be important for a successful candidate to understand and ‘buy into’ the ethos and the mission of the company. They also need to be very good at what they are doing – there is an exceedingly high level of intelligence and talent here at Moneybox. And maybe most importantly, they would need to be a real team player.