Your stories: introducing Miriam

Biog in brief: I’m Miriam. I’m from London and I am an analyst at an insurance company. I am about to go part-time to study a masters, though, so if you asked me in 2 months I’d probably describe myself as a student.

Describe you and money: A real clash – “Spontaneous, responsible, relaxed.”

Investing goal: My first home (eventually) – it’s going to take me a very long time to get there. And first I need to support myself through this masters which will mean 2 years of very minimal saving.

Savings tips: Opening different savings accounts and assigning them to different financial goals (e.g. one account for house fund, one for treats, one for holidays, one for study fund) – I choose the account based on the goal, for example, my house fund I am not allowed to take money out of more than once a year without being penalised, but with this comes a higher interest rate.

How does Moneybox help? It has helped me save money without really noticing. It’s also made saving a lot more fun than it otherwise could be. I am proud of saving more than £300 without really trying

Moneybox feature I ❤️is the round-up feature and how easy it is. I get a small thrill out of swiping down to round up all my transactions…

This much I know: If you commit to saving even a few pennies here and there it can quickly add up without you even noticing. As a wise person once said: “save the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.”