The February Round Up

Every day, we’re getting closer to helping you bring together your old pension pots and take control of your financial future 🎉

Here’s a quick update on our progress so far:

We look forward to sharing more information with you over the next few weeks!

Updates 📝

Pick up smart and simple tips to help you stay on top of your finances with these new articles.

Moneybox Academy 🎓

Learn key investing concepts to help you make good decisions about your money with these four lessons from the Moneybox Academy.

In the news 📰


We’re excited to announce our partner brands of the month. Shop with them and many others and you’ll receive rewards directly into your Moneybox account:

Community ❤️

We hosted an Investing 101 event at WeWork! We had some great discussions about the stock market, why you should consider investing and how to think about risk. Here are some slides that give you an overview of the big ideas.