T+1 US stock settlement timings

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced new rules on settlement timings for US stocks. These new rules come into force on 28 May.


What does this mean for Moneybox customers?

Due to how we ‘batch’ buys and sells, customers who request either a buy or sell from 12pm on Friday 24 May 2024 will see those buys or sells settle on T+1 (where T is the day the order is submitted, and +1 is the day it settles). Stocks are bought and sold when the US market opens (usually 2.30pm UK time).

We’ve made some small changes to the app to reflect these new settlement timings. Update your app today so they show.

Update for iOS

Update for Android

The settlement time will be different depending on whether your buy or sell was submitted before or after 12pm – and depending on US public holidays.


Which assets does this change impact?

US stocks only. Any buys or sells into our range of funds and ETFs are unaffected.