A new way to reach your goals

We began the Moneybox journey helping you invest for your future through a range of simple, long-term investment accounts. Over the years we’ve heard from you, the Moneybox community, asking for the option to save into traditional cash accounts to help with your shorter term goals, hello holidays. 🌴 

In 2019 we were please to introduce our first savings account – the 95 Day Notice Account offering 0.6% AER, powered by Investec. 🎉 The account can be opened with as little as £1 and has no account fees.

To open an account, make sure you are on the latest version of the Moneybox app, then follow the button below to the Accounts tab where you can learn more and open an account in a few simple taps. 

Save with Moneybox

Research on the UK savings market shows that around 77% of money held in easy access savings accounts is earning less than 1% interest*. 😳 These savers could be missing out on billions of pounds by not switching to higher interest accounts such as notice accounts.  


How could I use this account to save? 💷

As you need to give us 95 days’ notice when you make a withdrawal, this won’t be the account to rely on for unexpected costs, like your boiler breaking. 🥶 Instead, you could think of it as your #goals account. Check out some of the things Team Moneybox will be saving towards with the 95 Day Notice Account…

 See our FAQS for more details.

*Source: fca.org.uk